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Dr. Jan Commandeur

Position: Associate Professor

JanDr. Commandeur studied Pharmacochemistry at the VU University Amsterdam. He graduated in 1985 with a specialization in Molecular Toxicology. He obtained his PhD. in 1991. Dr. Commandeur's interest lies in the investigation of the role of drug metabolizing enzymes, notably human cytochrome P450s, in the bioactivation of drugs, characterization of the reactive drug metabolites and their cellular targets,  and the identification of enzymes involved in detoxification of reactive intermediates (glutathione S-transferase and NQO1). In addition he is interested in the development of novel P450s which can be used as biocatalysts for large scale production of human drug metabolies and which can serve as model proteins for biochemical and biophysical studies into the mechanism of action of P450s. Amongst others, he is coordinator of the masterprogram Drug Discovery and Safety, track Drug Disposition and Safety Assessment (DDS-DDSA) and organizer of the Post-doctoral Course on Molecular Toxicology (yearly), the SafeSciMet-course “Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology” (bi-annually) and the ULLA Drug Metabolism course (bi-annually). He is member of the editorial board of Toxicology Letters and referee of many toxicological journals.

Room: P2.56

Tel: +31 20 5987595
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