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Assoc. Prof. dr. Jan N.M. Commandeur

Position: Associate Professor


Dr. Jan Commandeur studied Pharmacochemistry at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He graduated in 1985 with a specialization in Molecular Toxicology. He obtained his PhD in 1991 at the Vrije Universiteit on the subject: “Molecular Mechanisms of Chemically Induced Nephrotoxicity:  role of the mercapturic acid pathway in the bioactivation of halogenated hydrocarbons.” He was appointed as assistent and associate professor in 1991 and 2006, respectively, at the division of Molecular and Computational Toxicology at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.  

His research interests are focused on the role of drug metabolism in the toxicity of drugs, and the consequences of genetic polymorphisms of drug metabolising enzymes as risk factors for toxic side effects of drugs, with special interest in drugs causing idiosyncratic liver toxicity and agranulocytosis.  


 These studies include:  

  • Characterization of wild-type and mutants of drug metabolising enzymes involved in formation and inactivation of reactive metabolites of drugs: e.g. human cytochromes P450, peroxidases, UGTs glutathione S-transferases and quinone reductases. 
  • Characterization of the reactive drug metabolites and their cellular targets,   
  • Simulation of the consequences of variability of bioactivating and inactivating enzymes using recombinant human enzymes and cell lines overexpressing drug metabolizing enzymes.
  • Development and application of novel mutants of bacterial CYP102A1 (P450 BM3) which can be used as biocatalysts for large scale production of human drug metabolites and which can serve as model proteins for biochemical, biophysical and computational studies into the mechanism of action of P450s.
  • Characterization of essential cytochrome P450s from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis as potential targets for new generations of antituberculosis drugs. 

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