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Dr. Kevin Augustijn

Position: Post-doc


Kevin Augustijn obtained his PhD at the adenovirus replication group of Prof. Dr. Peter van der Vliet, UMC, Utrecht, where he studied the interaction of human transcription factors using a combination of biochemical assays and structural biology (NMR spectroscopy at the group of Prof. Dr. Rob Kaptein, Utrecht University). After this, he joined the malaria research group of Dr. Chris Janse, Dept. of Parasitology, LUMC, where he studied parasite-host interactions in the rodent malaria parasite Plasmodium berghei. In 2009, he switched to the Molecular Toxicology group of Prof. Dr. Nico Vermeulen, VU Amsterdam, where he started as project manager supervising a TI Pharma project on biomarkers for adverse drug reactions. Later (2010) he was involved in a pan-European education and training programme for IMI-JU called SafeSciMET. This project organizes 20 course modules on drug safety sciences in a collaborative effort of academia and pharmaceutical industry. In 2012, he started on a second IMI JU project: MIP-DILI. This project aims to develop new assays for predicting drug-induced liver injury. Having been active in a number of different fields in molecular biology (transcription, structural biology, parasitology, immunology), he is a good all-round scientist with a "helicopter view" approach to problems. As project manager, he handles reporting, financial management, dissemination, compound databases and biological sample collection.


Room: P2.46
Tel: +31 20 59 87600
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