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Shalenie Sewradj MSc.

Position: PhD student


Shalenie Sewradj MSc. obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Natural Sciences and her Master’s degree in Drug Discovery and Safety (specialization Molecular Toxicology), both at VU University Amsterdam. Currently, Sewradj is performing her PhD research in the Molecular and Computational Toxicology research group.

Sewradj’s research is funded by the IMI project MIP-DILI and is supervised by Dr. Chris Vos, Dr. Jan Commandeur and Prof. dr. Nico Vermeulen. MIP-DILI is a collaboration between Pharma’s, Universities and SMEs and aims to develop new tests that will aid in early detection of potential liver toxicity. Sewradj focuses on the predictability of current in vitro models for drug-induced liver injury. In her research she combines cellular assays with analytical work to investigate the competence for drug metabolism of current cellular systems.


Room: P254
Tel: +31 20 59 87522
Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it